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Email Marketing Hacks with | Email Retargeting

Easy growth hack to increase email open rates by 53% in just 60 seconds.

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Email Marketing Hacks with | Deliver Emails at the Perfect Time

Learn how to send your emails at the optimal time in just under 60 seconds!

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Email Marketing Hacks with | Increase Conversion Rates with Toolbars 

Learn how to increase conversion rates with website toolbars in just under 60 seconds!

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Relatively Quick Tour thru with Jessica

Jessica introduces many of Charley’s unique features and tells you how you can use it to your benefit.

7m 09s

14 Things Jessica LOVES about Charley

There’s so much to love about Charley, our email marketing service – hear what Jessica has to say about Charley!

16m 00s

Charley’s Transactional Email Campaign

Charley’s Transactional Email Campaign packs a lot of power in a simple UI – let Jessica walk you through it!

3m 16s

Say “Hello” to Charley! 

Get to know while Jessica takes you on a quick tour of our features!

5m 07s

Charley Making Mailings Easier

Mailing to individual email addresses, combination of lists and individuals, and Magically Import Templates you like into Charley! Watch it all here.

3m 09s

Charley Send Features

Sending emails with is made easy – send to a Charley list, paste in emails, or a combination of both! You can easily exclude lists of subscribers or individual email addresses.

1m 43s

Getting Started with your new Charley Account 

New to Charley? Watch this video to see how to get started and navigate the Dashboard.

5m 13s

Switching to Charley from Mailchimp

Graduating from Mailchimp? We’re making email marketing easier and more powerful. See how to switch.

2m 47s

Navigating Charley’s Email Marketing Dashboard

Get the high points in this short video and see how Jessica navigates the Charley Dashboard.

2m 45s

Using Recycler to Automatically Retargert Non-Openers

Use this unique feature to automatically retarget non-openers with Recycler and increase open rates by 40-60%.

3m 27s

Creating your First Mailing List in Charley

Learn how to send your first mailing out through Charley! It’s really very easy, but here’s a video of it nonetheless.

3m 53s

Sending Your First Charley Mailing Campaign

Watch this video to see how easy it is to setup and send out your first Charley campaign.

5m 6s

Dynamically Build Lists Anytime based on Subscriber Behavior

Dynamically build targeted mailing list based on behavioral data, like opens, website and ecommerce activity and more.

3m 39s

Embed a Mailing List Signup Form on your Website

Add subscribers to your list with Charley’s customzable and embeddable list sign-up form.

2m 43s

Easily Import Email Templates and Designs to Charley

Get your email design templates into Charley in seconds. See how to import emails in this video.

2m 26s

Capturing Email Addresses with a Popon Form

We have a dedicated Email Capture Popon campaign. Customize the design, use filters to control delivery and more.

3m 37s

Automating a Thank You for Signing Up Email

Mind your manners! In this video, we show you how to set up an automated followup email campaign.

3m 19s

Using your Own SMTP Server with Charley 2:20

Have your own SMTP and want to use it to send Charley campaigns? Watch this video to set it up.

2m 20s

Integrating Charley and Zapier (because Zapping is fun!) 2:40

Charley’s integration with Zapier opens so many new doors! Watch how to set it up here!

2m 40s

Zapier and Survey Monkey into your Charley Account

Gathering data through Survey Monkey? Easily set up a Zap to ports that info into a Charley List!

6m 4s

Charley Announces the Clean List Button & Send Status Update

Watch a quick announcement on our Charley’s Clean List Button and see how we’ve updated our Send Status Message.

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