How do I find my API username and password?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: API + IntegrationsHow do I find my API username and password?
Charley Support Staff asked 4 years ago
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Robert Thanh Parker Staff answered 4 years ago

API Authentication

To utlilize the Rekko API, you must have an account with API-level access permission. Currently, all premium Rekko and Rekko Charley accounts are able to access API services.

In addition to an API-accessible account, you will need to obtain an authentication token to communicate with the Rekko API servers. Every site has a unique authentication token, which can be obtained by logging into Rekko Dashboard Settings area.

Please note that your credentials to log into the Rekko Dashboard are different from API credentials.

Your API Username

Your API username is the Site ID for your Rekko or Charley site. This was given to you when you signed up for your account. It’s also in the JavaScript tags, or simply locate it in the URL when you’re logged into the Dashboard.



Once you are logged into your Dashboard account, go to the Site Settings tab.

Select the Email Settings tab where you’ll find the field: ‘Rekko API key’,

If the field is empty, click on “Generate New’ for a new API token. This token is your password. Every request sent to Rekko servers should include authorization details in the header