Building a Charley Mailing List

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Building a Charley Mailing List

Working with email lists couldn’t be easier in Charley.

The first step is to create a new Charley list and give it a name. You do this by going to Mailing Lists tab and click the green Create a New Email List button.

new email list

Once you’ve clicked the button, you’ll be taken to the detail page for your new mailing list. Watch this video or continue reading to see how to work with and populate your list.

Copy/Paste or Adding Subscribers One-by-One

On the mailing list’s detail page, you’ll find several links below the list’s name. The second link, Manage Subscribers, contains a drop-down menu when clicked that has options for adding and importing subscribers and unsubscribers.

Choose Add a Subscriber. This will open a modal window with three ways you can add subscribers to your list: emails only, emails with first names, or emails with both first and last name. You can type them in directly or copy and paste.

  • Add Email Only: As it says, add one email address per line to subscribe them to your list.
  • Add Email, First Name: If you have first names along with the email address, you can add them one per line with each subscriber’s email address and first name are on the same line separated by a comma; e.g. [email protected], John
  • Add Email, First, Last Name: If you have both the first and last name along with the email address, you can add them one per line where each subscriber’s email and name are on the same line separated by commas; e.g. [email protected], John, Doe

steps to add subscribers

Once you’ve typed or pasted in your subscribers, click the blue Save button to close the window. This will refresh the page and display your subscribers.

Importing Lists via CSV File

Under Manage Subscribers, you’ll find an option to Import Subscribers. Use this option if you wish to import your subscriber list using a CSV file found on your computer. CSV files are text files that are commonly exported from a spreadsheet program like Excel or Google Sheets.

Selecting this option will open a modal window allowing you to select the file from your computer.

modal to upload csv

CSV Formatting

In order to successfully import from a CSV file, the file must contain a column for email addresses. All other fields, including first name, last name, and any custom fields are optional.

If you’re unable to import your file, here are some things to consider:

  • Column for Email Address: The header name should be email or email address. Any other name will not work.
  • Column for First Name: The header name may be one of the following – first name, firstname, first_name, fname, name, fullname.
  • Column for Last Name: The header name may be one of the following – last name, lastname, last_name, lname, name, fullname.
  • CSV File Size: The file should not be larger than 50MB. If your file is too large, you’ll need to split the file into parts <50MB and import them individually.

Building Mailing Lists via SmartList Builder

If you’ve imported a CSV file containing additional information about your subscribers, or if you’ve added Charley’s website tags to your site to collect visitor behavior, you can use SmartList Builder to easily create segmented lists.

The SmartList Builder allows you to query the Visitor Database using a set of filters (customizable segments) of visitors using Profiles. Once you’ve chosen your criteria, you can start the list building job. Depending on how large your visitor database with Charley is, it could take a moment or longer to complete your request and return a list of matching subscribers.

You can read more about using SmartList Builder here.

Coming from MailChimp?

Read this article on how to retrieve your email list from MC and import it into Charley.