Build a List Dynamically by Querying the Behavioral Visitor Database

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Charley Support Staff asked 5 years ago
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Robert Thanh Parker Staff answered 5 years ago

Use Smart List Builder to Dynamically Create Segmented Lists

Ever wished you had a list of everyone that looked at a particular set of pages or products on your site? All the people that looked at Patagonia jackets but didn’t buy? If you didn’t set up a list beforehand prior, it can be difficult or impossible to easily do.

Rekko’s Smart List Builder.
Use the Builder to create targeted lists by filtering visitors that match criteria based on any email activity, such as opens, clicks, etc. or activity when they visit your website. Visitors that match can be added to an existing list or put on a new mailing list.

The Magic is our Tracking Pixel.
Rekko’s unique “tracking pixel” is a few lines of JavaScript code that when added to your website’s pages, allows us to track and record n great detail each of the visitor’s actions and behaviors as they come to your site. Since we store so much information about each visitor automatically, not letting you use that to build lists and personalize your mailings would be a crime.

Watch the videos below to see how simple we make it.

Start by creating a new mailing list or using an existing one. In your list editor, you’ll see an option to Build from Database. Click on this.

A modal will appear on your screen with any Profiles (or filters) that may have already been created (we call this the Profiles Library).

Choose one you’ve already created by selecting the checkmark to the left of its name (it will turn green), or create a new profile by clicking the button in the upper left corner.

Once you’ve chosen the profile(s), you can optionally add notes with any special information you may want to remember, then click the Build List button.

Depending on how many visitors fit your profile, the list builder can finish immediately or take some time to process. In either case, you’ll receive an email when the process finishes.

Pro-Tip: Install Rekko’s tracking pixel on your site to really take advantage of the Smart List Builder. See tagging instructions here.

Do Smart Lists update automatically?

Not yet. But don’t worry! We’re working to get that going.

How do I update lists using the Smart List builder?

Use the same process as above. We explain in the video below:

As always, please let us know if you have any questions!