Can Charley host the images I need to use for my email campaigns?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: Designing Your CampaignCan Charley host the images I need to use for my email campaigns?
asked 4 years ago
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answered 4 years ago

Hosting Images in Charley’s Image Library

Charley gives you the option to host images on our servers. Simply have the images you’d like to use handy, and with a click of a few buttons, you’ll have them set up in Charley and ready to use. Let’s go through how it’s done!

image upload

Steps for Uploading your Images

  1. Open an email campaign or template you wish to insert images into.
  2. From the default WYSIWYG Editor (not using Source), click the Image button. This will open a small menu overlay for Image Properties.
  3. Click on Upload/Image Library. This will open up the image library where you can upload a new image from your computer, or select an image you’ve uploaded previously.
  4. Use the checkmarks to the right of the image you wish to use to select it. Then click Select and Insert Images. This will bring you back to the small menu for Image Properties. You’ll notice now that it’s populated with the image information like URL and size.
  5. If the Image Properties choices are satisfactory, click OK.Your image will be inserted into the editor.