Can I send Transactional Emails through Charley?

DWQA QuestionsCan I send Transactional Emails through Charley?
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Does Charley have Transactional Email Features?

The short answer: Yes! In fact, Transactional Emails is what we created first via our Rekko Marketing Cloud.

What kind of Transactional Emails does Charley provide?

Charley provides different types of transactional, or triggered, emails. You can create these campaigns using our wizards which makes the process easy as it takes you step-by-step, or you can use one of our more advanced campaigns which builds upon our robust set of profiling and segmentation features in addition to allowing you to set up drip emails.

First, you’ll find a list below of the different types of transactional emails, then we’ll go into each one.

  • Transactional (Behaviorally Triggered)
    • Shopping Cart Abandonment
    • Post-Purchase
    • Campaign Triggered
    • Page Triggered
  • Real-Time Messaging Email Campaigns with Drip Sequence Function
  • Automailer

Transactional (Behaviorally Triggered) Emails

Charley’s Transactional Emails Campaign is a simplified version of the Real-Time Messaging Email Campaign (which we’ll get into later). Although simplified, that hardly means it’s any less robust.

The Transactional Emails Campaign is a two step wizard that helps you set up your behaviorally triggered email campaigns faster.

The first page displays your General Settings – this is where you specify what kind of emails you’d like to deliver, who you’d like to exclude, and where you’d set up your goals.

The next page is where you can work on your content. Create the content in the WYSIWYG Editor or paste in HTML creative that you might have handy.

Once you’ve set the configurations and you’re happy with your email template, you can go ahead and go on to the next step which just allows you to save your campaign.

Real-Time Messaging Campaign

The Real-Time Messaging Campaign editor is the advanced version of the Transactional (Behaviorally Targeted) Email Campaign. And by advanced, we mean we’ve opened up Pandora’s Box of profiling and segmentations for you, the user, to take advantage of.

This campaign allows for two major features:

  1. Target and Exclude Specific Profiles and Segments
  2. Drip-Sequence Campaigns on a Schedule

Given that you’ve tagged your website to be used with these features, Charley will be collecting behavior data from your visitors on the website. From simple data like where are they from and which pages they’ve visited, to information like what was added to cart, how much, do we have their email, and did they purchase recently.

Create profiles under the Target or Exclude sections to automatically trigger emails to broad or niche audiences on your website. Under the Advanced Settings option, you can make sure these emails are targeted when the visitor is either on your site, or after they leave (like an abandonment).

Under the Mailings section, you’ll notice that you can add multiple mailings to your Real-Time Messaging Campaign. Each Mailing allows for multiple email creatives so that you can A/B test your messages and creatives, as well as a Scheduler so that you can set when the emails go out.

NOTE: If you’re sending a Real-Time Messaging campaign when visitors are OFFSITE, please allow for approximately 30 minutes for the timeout session to occur. This means that emails scheduled to deliver IMMEDIATELY, will actually deliver once Charley confirms they are indeed off the site which is after 30 minutes of inactivity from that visitor.


If you’re reading this, you’ve probably shopped at at least once and you know that they send weekly emails that show you products you might like that are related to either what you looked at recently or what you’ve purchased in the past.

Automailer was born from this concept.

Automailer sends emails on a schedule (Daily, Weekly, Monthly) based on simple profiles like “have they been to the site in the last 30 days?” It allows you to stay top of mind with your subscribers and shoppers, show off dynamic and relevant content, and once it’s turned on, you can just let it run. Set it and forget it!