Capturing Emails with Charley’s Popon Email Capture Form

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Building your email list with a customized Email Capture campaign

Building out your email lists is one of the most crucial components to any marketing mix. Our Email Capture campaign is purpose-built to help you deliver a highly converting, pop-on style email capture form with almost no work!

Key features include:

  1. No need to add special code to the pages you want it to appear on. Once our tracking pixel is installed, the capture form will dynamically appear based on the intelligent rules and filters you set.
  2. No HTML, design or programming skills are required. Simply follow our two-step wizard, pick the colors, background, text and even a coupon code – that’s it.
  3. Advanced users can customize and extend the form’s behavior and look and feel with custom CSS and JavaScript.
  4. Automatically add subscribers to one or more Rekko Charley lists (or a Mailchimp list). Then view new subscriber notifications in real-time with the Timeline and reporting console.

Getting Started
Customizing your Email Capture form is easy! If you have little-to-no experience with creatives, our wizard will allow you to make nice-looking forms. And if you do have experience with creatives and code, this will be a piece of cake by the ocean.

Form Design


Main Image URL
This is an optional image area. It takes the place of the logo in the preview area above (“Join our Mailing List”). You can choose to remove the default logo URL and leave it blank, or add a fully-qualified image link to your own image. Be sure to use a HTTPS link to avoid security warnings for potential subscribers.

If you’re using your own image, keep in mind that the recommended width is 400px wide. If your logo isn’t wide enough, you should create a version of your image that sits on a white or transparent background that’s 400px wide.

Background Image or Color
By default, this option is set to using a background image. As you can see in the preview edit screen, the default background is a simple wood grain image. Here are a few helpful tips when creating your background image:

  1. The background should be 400px wide by 500px high.
  2. If you’re including graphical text in your background image to, make sure you take the placement of the default text boxes into consideration. You may need to move the default email capture form’s text boxes down by adding line break tags within the Header  or Body text fields as they support HTML, i.e. <br />
  3. If you’re opting for #2 where the message is actually within the background image, make sure to double-check how it looks on mobile devices with different screen sizes like iPhone 5 and iPhone 6. If your background doesn’t format correctly on the mobile device, you can create a second mobile-specific version of the background image with:
    1. 400px width and 700px height
    2. Click on the CSS button and add a media query to deliver this version  of the background image for screen widths under 450px.
  4. If you want to repeat your background, you can either input the background image URL in the provided field and CSS repeat options in the CSS box (click the CSS button).

You can also opt to use a solid color background. Choosing this option will allow you to use a color picker, or if you know the hex code for the color you want, paste the six character string in (without the #).

Headline and Body Text
Use these two text areas to customize your message. The Headline text area correlates to the larger text, while the Body Text correlates to the smaller text beneath the headline. You can use the options to the right of the text areas to customize the font, size, and color as well.


If you prefer to get more advanced, you can use HTML in either of text areas. For example, you can make part of your body text bold by wrapping the text in strong tags to make the offer or message stand out more. Or get a little more stylish and use style tags ad change part some of the text different colors.

Text Label Color

Using this option, you can modify how the text label for your fields appear on desktop (on mobile devices, the text labels are inside the text field boxes and colored gray by default).

Disable Co-Branding
If you have a premium account, you may remove the co-branding logo that appears at the bottom of your capture form.

Custom CSS/Javascript
If you’re savvy with CSS and JavaScript, you can use these options to further customize form. With these, you can make the form look and behave like almost anything you can dream up.
Form Results Screen
On the Form Result screen, you’ll see similar customization options.

The first option allows you to Copy the settings from the prior Form Design step often saving you time if you want to use the same options, colors, background image, etc.


Work that gets copied include:

  • Main Image
  • Background Image or Color
  • If you’re using the built in fonts, sizes, and colors for Headline and Body Text, these will be copied.

Delivering a Coupon Code
If you the form to deliver a coupon code on results screen, enter it into the “Display special coupon code” text box. Some people to choose to deliver a coupon code as part of the Headline or Body text, while others use this area that’s specifically reserved for it. It’s up to you on how you want to customize the look of your confirmation screen.

Rekko Marketing Cloud customers can utilize our dynamic coupon code option which delivers a unique coupon code for each visitor (vs having a single shared coupon code for anyone receiving this campaign). If you don’t have a Rekko Marketing Cloud account yet, please contact us for upgrade options.

That’s it…
Delivering a pop-on style email capture form with advanced delivery filters and options is super-easy. It shouldn’t take longer than a few minutes to completely customize and then deploy this live on your website.

If you’re interested in a static form for your website’s sidebar or footer, we’ve got you covered there, too.

Go to the Email List detail page for subscription form you’d like to add subscribers to.

Signup form location for Charley Email Marketing

You’ll see a modal dialogue box with a HTML form that’s easy to copy and paste anywhere you want it to appear.