DNS records?

William Ryan asked 5 years ago

I have created 3 campaigns (1/month) and this month this message appeared “Click here to see how to add proper DNS records to ensure ix.netcom.com emails reach your subscribers inboxes!”  I read the directions but have no idea what I am supposed to do – it looks like code has to go somewhere on a server but I don’t have that access – guidance most welcome!

1 Answers
Robert Thanh Parker Staff answered 5 years ago

In order to send emails on your behalf, you must have and use your own domain name (like abc.com). You cannot send bulk emails from a domain name you do not own, i.e. gmail.com, mac.com, microsoft.com and netcom.com. 
This is to help prevent spam, it’s not our rule, but a general rule enforced by mail servers. The link provided requests that you add a snippet of code to your DNS record for the domain name that you own.
What is the from email address you’re using in your email campaign(s) and do you own your own website/domain name?