Does Charley Provide a Hosted Form?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: Building Out Your ListsDoes Charley Provide a Hosted Form?
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Social-ready Hosted Subscription Forms

Charley gives you a variety of ways to add subscribers to your email lists.

  • Customizable, embeddable signup form code you can place anywhere on your website
  • Email Capture pop-on’s that can be triggered with customizable filters and delivered anywhere on your website
  • New Hosted Forms – a simple link to a customizable subscription form hosted by us

Every Charley list has its own hosted form with a unique URL. To use it, simply copy the list’s URL from the Hosted Form link on the mailing list’s detail page.

Hosted Forms Menu

Why Hosted Forms?

Hosted forms are super simple and crazy easy. For users who want to get started right away without tagging or pasting HTML into their pages, Hosted Forms are perfect. Benefits of the Hosted Form:

  • Each list includes it’s own fully customizable subscription form.
  • Useful for promotions, social sharing, squeeze pages and more.
  • Full integration so you get clean and short, sharable links.
  • Simple configuration, nothing to setup, it’s all automatic.
  • Customizable with support for custom backgrounds, logos, text and even CSS to match your website and branding.

For users who want to get started right away without embedding HTML into their pages, Hosted Forms are the way to go.

Customizing your Hosted Form

Clicking on the Hosted Forms link will display options to customize your form. Insert a link to your logo, change the default text, or add custom CSS.

Once you’ve configured your form, click Save.

hosted form config

Copy the link to your form and use it in a call-to-action on your website, on a toolbar, or in your Social posts!


Charley Hosted Form Example

Sample Subscription Form