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Charley & Rekko Marketing Cloud

You can think of Charley and Rekko as brothers – they’re both in the same family of software, so while they share a lot of similarities (using a robust segmentation system to deliver content, implementation of different engagement features, etc), they both have two different (but complementary) approaches to staying in touch with your visitors.

We know this article is a bit long, so here’s what you should know:

  • Charley houses all of our email services from email blasts, mailing lists, and email capture;
  • Rekko Marketing Cloud (RMC) is for everything on your website like delivering popon’s, toolbar widgets, inline campaigns, and onsite A/B testing.

So while Charley stays connected to visitors when they’re off your site and opens a channel for them to return, Rekko continues to offer tailored experiences while they browse your website. Together, they make for an all-in-one marketing tool.

Let’s see the basic features each has to offer:


Email services have never been simpler: create a mailing list either by using our email capture form or uploading a list, then click a button to start composing an email to those recipients. While it really is that simple, we do have some amazing features that will help you deliver the best email campaign you can possibly send.

Read more about creating your first Mailing List here.

Mailing Lists

Basic features include:

  • Manually entering new email addresses
  • Import email addresses from a CSV file
  • Editing Subscribers and Unsubscribers
  • Exporting Subscribers and Unsubscribers

list settings

That’s simple enough, right? Lets look at the campaign creation process.

  • Design Your Entire Email Campaign in 1 Screen: Create an email campaign in 1 easy step (vs 5+ steps in Mailchimp). We know you have plenty of other things to do. Simpler is better and faster in Charley.
  • Easily create your email blast in one step. Our composers were designed to remind you of your own personal email platform.
    Easily create your email blast in one step. Our composers were designed to remind you of your own personal email platform.

  • Send a Campaign to Multiple Lists with no Duplicates: Send a campaign to 5 lists (or more) and if a subscriber happens to be on more than one list, we’ll make sure they receive only one copy of your mailing. It’s automatically done with no configuration needed.
  • Super-Easy Campaign Scheduling: Two different send options. You can send mailings immediately or schedule for a date/time and even time zone.
  • Pick a time and future date to send your email blast.
    Pick a time and future date to send your email blast.

  • Integrated Pre Send Spam Score Testing: We help ensure that you don’t send mail that ends up in your subscriber’s spam folder! Our pre send spam test will give you a checklist of things (broken images, blacklist, etc.) to further improve your chances of ending up in your subscriber’s inbox.
  • Get your email score using Spammy.
    Get your email score using Spammy.

  • Automatic Template Import and Conversion: Have an email template ready or maybe you like a template you received from someone else? Send an email to your secret inbound address and it’ll automatically be converted to a full HTML template and ready for your next campaign.

Email Campaigns

Charley offers five different types of email campaigns to help fit your needs. Keep in mind that you can use merge tags for visitor information and even cart information (if you’re ecommerce) to help personalize your emails.

  • Email Blast: This is Charley’s one-page email newsletter blast. We designed it to make you feel like you’re at home when using our email blast campaign, and that means simplicity and familiarity. Just as you would compose an email in your personal email account, Charley gives you the same ease of use. Choose one or more mailing lists to deliver your email blast to and don’t worry about email duplication to the same email address – we make sure each recipient receives just one copy. Watch a video about sending you first email blast here.
  • Recycler: No one who has hundreds or thousands of emails has 100% open rates all the time (if at all!), so we’ve created Recycler. This feature works with your email blast campaign to get you as many opens and clicks as possible. How does it work? After your email blast campaign is delivered, you can schedule your recycler to go out. It will create a list of everyone who didn’t open the first email up to that point, then send your campaign again (you can also send a different email creative, or even just change the subject line a little). Watch a video about using Recycler here.
  • Recycler Configuration - Just set a date and time after your initial send time.
    Recycler Configuration – Just set a date and time after your initial send time.

  • Transactional Emails: These are triggered emails based on an action on your website. While the name sounds like it would help only ecommerce websites, it can be used by everyone. Trigger emails based on a visit to a particular page or based on submission of a form; and of course, you can trigger emails based whether or not a purchase was made.
  • Real-Time Messaging: This is like Transactional Emails, but much more flexible – meaning you have more profiles available to segment what kind of actions trigger these emails. You can also create a series of emails that will drip on recipients and control when those emails are delivered.
  • Automailer: Send recurring emails just like Amazon! Include product and top-selling recommendation grids based on individual visitor behaviors/actions.

Campaign Performance

How successful was your campaign? How many opens and clicks? What was your conversion rate? Charley’s reporting will give you insight into your campaign, who opened it, and even what happened when they came back to your website.

  • Real-time Reporting: More insight and more data, presented so that anyone can easily understand how a campaign is doing, who’s responding and more.
  • Details page for Campaign Reporting
    Details page for Campaign Reporting

  • Timeline Real-time Activity Feed
    View opens, clicks and visitor activity in our Facebook-like feed. It’s amazing and addictive to see your campaign’s activity in real-time.
  • Click for a larger view of Timeline
    Click for a larger view of Timeline

  • Subscriber Behavioral Tracking:We track subscriber engagement- opens, clicks, page views and more. Use this insight create better campaigns.

A visitor record looking at their past sessions on the website.
A visitor record looking at their past sessions on the website.

Charley Exclusive Features

Aside from creating a super-easy email platform, we also developed some awesome new features unique to Charley aimed at improving your conversion rates and helping you get more stuff done.

  • SmartSend: SmartSend is an exclusive Charley feature that optimizes the delivery times of your email blast campaigns. How does it work? When turned on, SmartSend will look up each recipient in Charley’s database and see when they last opened an email from you or last visited your website. Based on this information, SmartSend will deliver the email at the hour closest to the recipient’s activity. This insures that we catch them when they’re most likely to check their email.

    Read more about using SmartSend here.


  • Build from Database: Create a list of visitors based on a particular segment. If your site is tagged with our simple javascript, you can create lists based on visitor site behavior. Or, if you’ve imported a list with some custom profile fields, you can build a list based on the information provided. Read more about using our SmartList Builder here.
  • Secret Inbound Email Address: Each mailing list comes with a secret inbound email address. These are used to send an email blast to your list without having to login to the Dashboard. Simply save it as a contact, and you can start sending emails from the comfort of your own email client like Gmail, Yahoo, Apple Mail, etc. Read more about Secret Inbound Email addresses here.
  • Sign Up Form: While Charley does have an email capture form that can be delivered like a pop-on, each mailing list also has it’s own sign-up form code that you can copy and paste into your website. Each person that signs up on that particular form will be added to that list. Read about the sign up form here.
  • Email Capture Form Wizard: Here’s the other option to adding email addresses to your list(s). Our wizard takes you through a simple step-by-step process to delivering a beautiful email capture form on your site as a pop-on using smart delivery profiles, custom designs with no coding required. And don’t worry! It’s responsive. You can read more about customizing an email capture form pop-on here.
  • desktop-mobile

  • Drip Email Autoresponder Campaigns: Send a scheduled series of emails when visitors are added to a list, register or to kick-off an onboarding campaign. Set it and forget it!
  • Automatic Bounce Handling and List Scrubbing: We’re clean freaks! Charley keeps lists clean by automatically managing bounces and spam complaints. The cleaner your list, the better your chances of getting to the inbox. We are looking out for you!

Rekko Marketing Cloud (RMC)

Rekko Marketing Cloud is your one-stop-shop for onsite optimization. From content delivery based on simple to targeted segmentation, to A/B testing and transactional emails, Rekko is a powerhouse for your marketing needs.

Watch a video about Rekko here.

Visitor Segmentation

Every visitor that comes to your site should receive an experience that is unique to their specific situation. Whether it’s their geographic location, operating system, purchase/browsing behavior, or user status, there are a number of levers and knobs you can turn in the Rekko system to target specific visitor segments. The goal is to deliver the right message at the right time to the right visitor.

Example of a segmentation that targets Atlanta, GA shoppers whose carts are more than $150.
Example of a segmentation that targets Atlanta, GA shoppers whose carts are more than $150.

  • Real-Time & Historical Segmentation: Rekko offers an extensive library of profiles that you can customize into different segments. Create simple segments based on Geolocation, or be more targeted and create segments based on what was added to cart, how long a visitor’s been on the site, and if they’re repeat visitors. In addition to segmenting visitor based on their current visitor session, Rekko can also segment based on past behaviors.
  • Desktop vs. Mobile Segmentation: Deliver a custom site experience based on device. Easily segment visitors based on device using Rekko’s segmentation tool that allows you to target a desktop, mobile and even tablets.
  • Operating Segmentation: Similar to device segmentation, Rekko can also segment visitors based on their operating system. Operating system segments include Windows, OSX, Android, Blackberry, iOS, and Linux.

Engagement Types

Once a visitor segment has been identified, what message/content/creative do you want to deliver to those visitors? Whether it’s a recommendation grid, a popon offer or even one of our prebuilt widgets, marketers can deliver an engagement type to guide visitors towards a conversion event.


    • Product Recommendations: Be like Amazon! Grids can be delivered onsite or inserted into an email. All grids are optimized for responsiveness so it will look beautiful delivered on a laptop, cellphone or tablet. Deliver visitor specific product recommendations based on a growing set of algorithms that include:
      • People who viewed this product, frequently viewed these
      • These products are often purchased with this product
      • People who added this item to cart, often added these
      • People who looked at this item, purchased these items
    • Top-Selling Recommendations: The main difference between the product recommendation and the top-selling grids can be found in the algorithms. Other differences include the ability to display category specific recommendations, as well as a selecting a date range for purchases. Here’s a list of the algorithms:
      • Top Products by Revenue
      • Top Products by Quantity
      • Top Products by number of times purchased
    • Marketing Widgets: Easily create messages and promotions inside a Rekko Marketing Widget (banners, pop-ons, toolbars, and interstitials) to be displayed on your website. The widgets range from simple html banners inserted into pages to eye-catching pop-ons and full-page interstitials.
            • Inline HTML Banner: Deliver HTML banners inline with your page based on visitor behavior. Simply insert HTML and CSS into editor and Rekko can deliver it as part of the web page. Banners can be inserted into page by identifying a Div ID or CSS Selector. Rekko also features a WYSIWYG editor that allows you to mouse over page and select area to insert content.

Inline HTML Banner
Deliver HTML banners inline with your website based on visitor behavior

          • Popon/Lightbox: Deliver any HTML as a popon on your site. Great for intervention type campaigns where you want to interrupt the browsing session with a message/creative. Popons are delivered as a layer on top of current page so not impacted by pop-up blockers. Creative is centered on page with background grayed out to focus user on delivered message.

Rekko Popon Targeting Repeat Shoppers
Rekko Popon Targeting Repeat Shoppers

        • Toolbar: Toolbars are essentially banners that attached to the top or bottom of page that slide open to reveal any message you like. The message can be simple text or rich HTML for a more graphic heavy presentation. Configuration options allow you to specify exact size, position and slide behavior to best fit your needs.

Echo offers using Rekko Toolbar
Echo messages or offers to visitors when they return to your site. Conversion rate increases by as much as 65%!

        • Interstitial: Interstitials are defined as a full-page overlay. These were most often seen in article driven sites like where clicking on an article would first show you an overlay with advertising before taking you to the content you selected. Major difference is how it’s implemented. This is where Rekko’s segmentation comes into play. As longs the content is relevant to the visitor session, we have seen very good results.

Display offers to your loyal shoppers now and then to encourage their repeat business. Use Rekko’s profiling system to target visitor’s who’ve purchased in past sessions.

  • Expanding Banner: A great way to deliver a lot of information without having to permanently sacrifice screen real estate. The expanding banner is made up of two different banners, contracted and expanded. Simply provide the HTML for each banner, configure delivery and Rekko adds in the animation for you. Easy peasy.

  • Custom Form/Survey: Use it to collect email addresses, or dive in and use it to ask visitors more about what they like. Answers are saved as custom profiles that can be used as part of visitor segmentation! Answers can also be sent to external servers via Action URL.
  • Edit a Web Page: Change a headline, a button color or even a eliminate page sections (i.e no navigation during checkout) through Rekko’s WYSIWYG editor. Select the area, edit the web page and save. No longer need to ask (beg) your designer to make a simple change. You are in control.
  • The sales banner was easily inserted onto the page without additional coding.
    The sales banner was easily inserted onto the page without additional coding.

Campaign Types

Pairing a visitor segment (profile) with a creative/message (engagement) is what makes up a Rekko campaign. Different campaign types help marketers easily create/launch marketing campaigns. Here are some examples:

  • Self-Optimizing & A/B Testing: Let Rekko test out your creatives and messages for you using Self-Optimizing, or set the percentages in an A/B Test manually. With Self-Optimizing, Rekko will find the best performing creative for your campaign and deliver it to the majority of visitors. If left on for extended periods, Rekko will account for any change in trends and deliver creatives accordingly. No more pouring over analytics to determine the winning creative.
  • Campaign Designer (Wizards): We created campaign designers to make it easier for marketers to create campaigns. Step-by-step wizards to configure  the visitor segment, campaign goal, creative piece/design and delivery. Designers were created for some of our most popular campaigns including, campaign delivery, email microconversion, echo, automailer, and transactional email (triggered).
  • Echo: An echo is simply a reminder of why you came to the site. Was it a click-through from an abandonment email for free shipping or a Facebook buy one get one offer? By delivering a simple toolbar that displays the promo offer, we have seen conversions increase by more than 65%!


How well did my campaign perform? What campaign made your visitor complete their purchase? Analytics are vital to measuring campaign success but it should also be easy to read. Rekko presents analytics in a clear and customizable view so you can see the metrics most important to you.


  • Real-Time Metrics: Running a campaign for a week (maybe two) and then looking at the analytics to determine the next best move means you lose out on the potential customers you lost while doing your test. All Rekko analytics are delivered in real-time so you get a current view of what’s going on with your campaigns and can make immediate changes.
  • Control Group Testing: Establishing a control group will allow you to establish a baseline. You would be able to answer the question, “Would that visitor have purchased if they didn’t get a discount offer”? The analytics will tell you the overall uplift comparing the results of the control group against the test group.
  • Custom Goals: Each Rekko campaign can have its own Goal – a metric that you create to determine the success of your campaign. If you’re an ecommerce website, you can also see Goal Revenue, AKA how much money did your campaign make for you according to your success measurements.

Ease of Use

How well did my campaign perform? What campaign made your visitor complete their purchase?

  • Dynamic Creative Delivery (WYSIWYG): Don’t worry about mapping out Div IDs all over your website to insert content, Rekko allows you dynamically insert creatives via WYSIWYG Editor. You can also insert via CSS Selector by selecting to Replace, Insert Before, or After a certain ID or Class.
  • Product Feed Auto Update: Establishing a control group will allow you to establish a baseline. You would be able to answer the question, “Would that visitor have purchased if they didn’t get a discount offer”? The analytics will tell you the overall uplift comparing the results of the control group against the test group.