How do I build a list of subscribers who are engaged with my mailings?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: Building Out Your ListsHow do I build a list of subscribers who are engaged with my mailings?
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Creating Mailing Lists of Engaged Subscribers

Targeting subscribers who engage with your campaigns is going to provide you with higher opens, clicks, and an increase in reputation – we know that’s obvious. We want to help you target those subscribers, so we’ll show you how using SmartList Builder.

Step One: Create a New Mailing List

Create a new Mailing List by clicking the green Create a new Email List button under Mailing List and giving your new list a name. Submitting the new list name will save it and take you to the mailing list detail page.

new email list modal

Step Two: Select Build from Database

Under your Mailiing List’s name, you’ll see several action links. Choose the action link called Build from Database. This will open a new modal on the page.

Build from database

This modal displays a library of saved profiles (or segments) that was either pre-populated by the Charley team, or created by you at some point. Profiles are used in SmartList Builder to query the database for subscribers/visitors that match the criteria you set.

In this article, we’re segmenting for subscribers who’ve engaged with a mailing in the past. We’ll start by creating a new profile to guide you on how this is done.

Click on the button for Add new Profile.

build from database profile

Step Three: Creating the Segment for Engaged Subscribers

In the profile creation page, drag-and-drop the Campaign Delivery (Historic) element from the left into the main right table.

drag and drop

You’ll notice that additional options will open up under this profiling element. Scroll to the bottom until you see Email Opened and Opened Emails Count.

  • Email Opened: Allows you to target if the subscriber opened a specific Mailing Campaign.
  • Opened Emails Count: Targets subscribers that have opened a number of mailing campaigns.

For our example, let’s choose the second email specific option for Opened Emails Count and target subscribers who’ve opened at least one email by specifying: Greater than or equals three. This will create a list of subscribers who’ve looked at least three of the emails we’ve sent.

Once you’ve set this criteria, click the blue Add Profile button in the bottom right corner. This will add your profile element to the table.

count and add profile

Next, we’ll name this Profile and finally Save the segment.

save profile

Step Four: Build List!

Once you’ve finished making your new profile and saved it, you’ll see that it’s been selected in red text at the top. Now just click the blue Build List button in the bottom right.

build list

The modal will disappear and you’ll see a success message at the top of your screen saying that the build is running. Depending on how large your visitor database in Charley is, this could take a moment or longer. Once it’s finished, you’ll receive an email confirmation with how many subscribers were added to your list.