How do I send an Email Blast campaign?

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Creating a Charley Email Blast Campaign

If you’re ready to create an email marketing campaign in Charley, we’re assuming you’ve already setup your first mailing list! If not, learn about creating Mailing Lists here.

There are a few places you can click to start your new Email Blast campaign. Please see the screenshots below for three links that will launch the email campaign creation window.

Links to start a new email campaign:

Ways to create a new Email Blast Campaign

Ways to create a new Email Blast Campaign

  1. You can click the top link in the navigation menu: New Email Campaign. That opens a new Email Campaign editor window.
  2. If you’re in a specific mailing list, you can click the upper right button labeled: Send a Mailing to this List. This also opens a new Email Campaign window, but prefills the Deliver-to section with the current list’s name. You may add more lists as needed.
  3. You may also click on the New Campaign tab and get a drop down with Create a Mailing as the first option.

Once you’re in the email compose window, it should feel familiar. We’ve done our best to keep it as simple as composing an email in Gmail or Apple Mail.

Here are some helpful call-outs from the compose window:

email blast callouts

  1. Send Now: Exactly like it says. Once you’ve finished composing and configuring your email, give it a name and choose either Send Now (which sends out the email immediately), or choose…
  2. Schedule: You can choose a later date and time to have your email campaign deliver. Use the calendar to pick the date and use the time field to choose the closest hour you’d like it to deliver.
  3. Add List: Add one or multiple lists for your mailing. Don’t worry, we’ll deduplicate emails so that each unique email address only gets one mailing.
  4. SmartSend and Recycler: These are two of our most unique and popular features. They help you dramatically increase your opens and click-through rates!
    • SmartSend automatically optimizes the send time for each email based on when when your customer has opened emails from you in the past or has been active on your website. Learn more about SmartSend here.
    • Recycler retargets those that didn’t open your original mailing with a customizable second mailing you can schedule for delivery at a later date and time. By retargeting only those that didn’t open the first time, you can increase open rates by over 50%.  Learn more about Recycler here.
  5. Advanced Options: In addition to expanding the configurations to allow you to add a reply-to field, CC, field, and BCC field; you can find the options to Customize the Footer and turn on/off the Open in Browser link (which is on by default).
  6. Spammy: See how spam filters see your mailing and get a grade on how likely your email will be viewed as spam, from 0-10 (being the best). It’ll also give you feedback on how to improve to ensure the highest possible deliverability.
  7. Send Test Email: A very useful feature if you’d like to see how the email will look once it’s sent. It’ll deliver a test email to the email address tied to the login account.

Once you’ve finished configuring and composing your email campaign, simply click one of three options for Save, Send Now, or Schedule. It’s really that simple.

Watch the How-To Video

Watch as Jessica goes through making an email blast campaign in Charley.