How do I personalize my emails and online campaigns to address the recipient?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: Best PracticesHow do I personalize my emails and online campaigns to address the recipient?
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Personalizing Email Campaigns

Back in the day, you could use “mail merge” in Word documents to personalize a letter to a list of different recipients. The process took the document and ran it against a spreadsheet and filled in the recipients’ names. Today, we have something much simpler: merge tags.

Merge tags are simple pieces of code that you insert into your content to add personalized information. For example, using {{VISITOR:FNAME}} in a Charley email campaign will dynamically insert each recipient’s first name into the email content. If we don’t happen to have their first name on file, you can set up a default like “Hello, Partner!”

Using Merge Tags for Personalization in Charley Email Campaigns

When you import a new mailing list into Charley, you have the option to include first and last names. This goes for the email capture forms as well – as you ask visitors on your site for their contact information, you can include first and last name. This serves to complete their visitor record and allow you to further personalize their experience when you reach out to them.

Inside of every Charley email campaign, there are drop-down menus for merge tags. For simple tags that address your recipients by name, you can just look to the drop-down with Visitor Tags.

visitor merge drop down

When you select First Name, it’ll add the merge tag right into your email. You can copy and paste it to any part of the email content, or even into your subject line.

In the screenshot below, you’ll see that we’ve added the merge tag for first name.

inserted fname

After sending this email to our mailing list that includes a recipient’s first and last name, you can see that the first name is dynamically inserted.

name used in tag