I’m coming from another Email Service Provider; how do I bring my templates over?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: Migrating from MailchimpI’m coming from another Email Service Provider; how do I bring my templates over?
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Porting Email Templates into Charley from another ESP

Adding a new email template to Charley is simple, and you have two options on how to do it: first is the good old fashioned copy and paste; the second is using a secret inbound email address for email templates in which you simply email the template into your Charley account.

Simple Copy & Paste

Charley email editors allow you to create emails via WYSIWYG Editor or by adding source code. There’s a button in the upper left corner of your editor called Source. Once enabled, you’ll be able to start adding code – you’ll notice we have syntax highlighting to make it easier to read too!

Once you know where this is (which is right in front of you), the rest is even easier!

Copy the HTML of a template you’d like to use and paste it into Charley’s editor with Source enabled. You can disable Source and get the visual preview of the email if you’d like too.


Keep in mind that if you’re copying code from a template that was created on Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, or similar, certain links for images will reference their gallery database. You can upload these images to Charley to host, or host them on your own site and replace the image links. You can read how to host images in Charley here.

Secret Inbound Email Address for Email Templates

This option allows you to import an email template from your own personal/work email account directly into Charley. It can be any template, really – once you import it, Charley will save it using the Subject Line as the name. Charley will even transcribe the HTML code used in the email!

inbound email steps

IMPORTANT: Be aware that some email clients, like Gmail, may strip some HTML and CSS from the email. So when you import these via secret inbound email address into Charley, you may not be getting the complete code.

How to find the Secret Inbound Email Address
Under Email Links in the Charley Dashboard, you’ll find an option for Saved Email and Templates – this is where you’ll find the Secret Inbound Email Address for emailing in templates to Charley.

Watch a video about how it’s done!