Pasting text into email?

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Bill Ryan asked 5 years ago

 I used to be able to cut and past text into an email but now a pop up box my browser security settings don’t allow access to clipboard (I haven’t changed anything) and when I paste into the pop up box nothing shows up in the email.  Not sure what to do.

2 Answers
Robert Thanh Parker Staff answered 5 years ago

Can you tell us what browser you’re using (and operating system)?

Are you pasting it into an email or email campaign (an email campaign opens up in it’s own window and looks exactly like an email client)?

Any screenshots or the actual text of the security message would be helpful. Feel free to email this to [email protected]

Robert Thanh Parker Staff answered 5 years ago

Bill, we received your email to support and have asked one of our support engineers to look more closely into your issue.