Dane Cornish asked 4 years ago

I run an email marketing company in Australia. We have approximately 1 million subscribers on our database.
On average, we send 1 email per month.
Can you please let me know:
1. Monthly pricing for 1 million subscribers
2. Pay-as-you-go pricing for 1 million emails
We have previously used MailChimp but the pricing is getting out of control! However, they have some great features. Can you please confirm if you support:
1. High Volume Sending – Our emails are all sent within minutes on MailChimp (even for very large volumes.) Other services we have used before take hours (or even days to send 1 million emails!)
2. All-in-one – We don’t have do setup SMTP or anything else with MailChimp. We simply send. Can we do this with you? Can you please ensure your pricing reflects this.
3. SPAM – Our emails don’t go to SPAM with MailChimp. VERY high delivery rate. Can you match this?
I look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards,

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Robert Thanh Parker Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Dane,
Please contact charley at rekko dot com directly for a pricing info.

However, generally, for those wishing to move to Charley from Mailchimp, we’ve offered a significant discount off their Mailchimp bill. Our pricing is generally the same or lower than Mailchimps, with of course a number of things that are unique to our platform not available on Mailchimp. However, expect to save between 20-35% off a monthly recurring revenue account from your Mailchimp bill. Hopefully with better results.

We currently don’t have Pay-as-you-Go plans. Not yet at least.

We are all in one. You do not need your own SMTP server.

The answer is we have very high deliverability rates as well. Historically above 98% and improving as our system:

  • Spammy built-in spam checking feature
  • Automatic list cleansing, keeps your lists clean and deliverability high
  • Ability to support both pooled and private IPs

Most importantly, it’s simple. Our delivery rates very based on the plan you have, but we can answer that as well. However, there is no way to immediately port 1 million new emails to an IP without some challenges. We would need to make sure DKIM/SPF/DMARC is setup, and we are smart about onboarding your account. Just being upfront. 🙂

Hope that you give us a shot. We think you’ll love it.