Silicon Carbide Sanding Sheets price

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About us
Our History
Zibo Bingyang abrasives Co., LTD is a professional company who produces first-rate coated abrasives,bonded abrasives, every kind of abrasive grains. We have 20 years experiences of abrasives manufacture and marketing. We have powerful after-sale protection to make our customers without worries. Our products gain good reputation for us throughout the world.
Our Product
Abrasive Sand paper, Waterproof sandpaper, Silicon carbide, Fused alumina, Aluminium oxide,
Product Application
Our product always used in high grade furniture, hardware, instruments, automobile production´╝îprecision instrument, panel processing, Jewelry finishing, auto grinding, sand blasting, ceramic wear parts, Thermal management, refractories, etc.
Our Certificate
ISO9001 certificateSilicon Carbide Sanding Sheets price