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Charlie Lamb asked 3 years ago

Hello, a several days ago we’ve purchased paid plan on this platform, however we couldn’t send newsletter campaign because our sending domain is not verified. So we’ve added DKIM/SPF records on our domain as it was showed in an example at Your support website, but after a few days it shows that domain still doesn’t have these records. How can we start sending emails on this platform if our domain can’t get verified for sending?
Charlie Lamb

1 Answers
Charley Support Staff answered 3 years ago


Thank you for writing support, we are verifying your DNS records and settings and will approve you shortly thereafter. 🙂


Robert Thanh Parker Staff replied 3 years ago

Charlie, we did a check and it appears the SPF and DKIM records are not returning as setup correctly. Have you seen the support article to set them up correctly?

Here’s what we’re seeing: