Uploading your Product Catalog to Charley

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Preparing a Product Feed for Charley

Uploading a product feed into Charley will allow you to display Product Recommendation and Top Selling Product grids in your emails, display cart items from abandonments or purchases in your emails, as well as enjoy a more visually appealing experience within the Dashboard Timeline by seeing exactly what your customers are buying or abandoning.

Required Format: CSV
Required Fields: product_id, product_name, price

For any fields you do not wish to use (other than the required fields), just omit the column completely.

The following is a list of column headers you can upload with your product feed.

  • product_id*: This is the SKU or Item Number for your products.
  • product_name*
  • description
  • product_category: You can include multiple categories for a product by separating them with commas (,). For example: “sports, athletic wear, shoes”.
  • product_link: The URL to the product page.
  • price*
  • sale_price: If you don’t have a sale price different than the original price, leave this blank.
  • quantity: Useful if you wish to only display products that are available. For example, in your grids, you can be sure to only show products if you have at least five (5) in stock.
  • brand
  • grid_image_link: This is the image used in your product recommendations and top selling products grids.
  • feature_image_link: This is the image used when displaying abandoned or purchased products in emails.
  • rating: Ratings are out of 100. If your rating system is out of five stars, simply multiply those ratings by 20 when entering them into the column.

Uploading your Product Feed into Charley
There are two ways to import your Product Feed into Charley, but they both start from the same area. First, click on the grid menu icon in the upper right hand corner of your Dashboard and choose Settings.


Next, choose the Product Catalog Settings tab. From here, you’ll see two options:

upload csv options

  • Setup Automated Product Import: This options will automatically update your product feed every few hours. This is great if your feed tends to change often. Paste in a URL where we can reach the CSV file.
  • Upload Product CSV: This option will allow you to choose a file from your computer and upload it immediately.

What is the maximum file size that I can upload?
You’ll be able to upload files up to 25MB. For larger files, you’ll want to split them and upload them one at a time.
What happens to the existing products when I upload a new Product Feed CSV?
Products with the same product_id will be updated if there is new information. Any additional products will be added to product feed stored in Charley. Old products are not deleted.