Step-by-Step Instructions to Integrate Rekko with the Zoey Ecommerce Plug-in

DWQA QuestionsCategory: API + IntegrationsStep-by-Step Instructions to Integrate Rekko with the Zoey Ecommerce Plug-in
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If you’re using Zoey for your online store, you’re in the right place. This article will guide you on how to activate the apps for either Charley or Rekko, and give you bonus information for advanced users.

Activing your Charley or Rekko App in Zoey


Step One Click the Zoey Apps Store found in the left navigation.

Step Two Next, look for the Rekko Marketing Automation app or the Charley Email Marketing App and click on it.

Step Three Then just hit the button called “Add to My Apps” – this will add either Rekko or Charley into your current apps, and you’ll be taken to your apps page.

Step Four The final step is just to activate the app! When you click on Manage App, you’ll see there are two options: Enabled and Site ID. Enabled simply means “would you like to turn it on for your store,” and Site ID is what identifies your account in the Rekko/Charley Dashboard.


You can find your Site ID by clicking on your Login account icon -> Site Settings -> then clicking the Copy Site ID button underneath the Account Info title.

Once you’ve selected “Yes” for Enabled, and pasted in your Site ID, just click the Save Config button in the upper right hand corner of your screen. Zoey may take about 10-15 minutes to propagate its changes, but you’ll all set! Check your Rekko/Charley Activity Feed and watch as visitor information starts appearing on your screen in real-time.

Advanced tags in Zoey

Once you have the plug-in in place, you have the option of adding an additional Javascript tag called extras.js – this allows the Rekko team to write custom code for you to collect additional information on your website, or to scrape email address, first name, and last name fields; i.e. we’ll grab the email address upon tab out.

Contact a Rekko/Charley team member for more information about how extras.js can help you.

Step One Click the ‘Edit my Design’ menu option found in the left navigation. Note that if you do not have this option available, you may not have full access. Speak to your Zoey admin.

Step Two Next, click on the button called ‘Edit my Design’.

Step Three On this next screen, there will be a settings cog in the upper right corner. Click on it, and choose ‘CSS/Javascript/HTML Editor’. A pop-on will open on your screen.

Step Four Here, you will choose ‘HTML Body End’ and paste in the code for your extras.js. Once you’ve pasted the code, click Save, and then click Publish.