Using Zaps with Charley: Integrating with 3rd Party Apps using Zapier

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Creating Zaps with Charley

Charley works with Zapier – the largest platform of its kind to integrate and automate tasks between popular web and business applications. This allows Charley to work with more of the applications you use everyday like Google Sheets, WordPress, Salesforce, Survey Monkey, FormStack and many, many more! Zapier provides an easy way for you to automate actions from one application to another without programming knowledge or knowledge of complex APIs.

What are Zaps?

Zaps are automated events that occur based on triggers and actions. You can think of it as a statement: When such-and-such happens, I want it to trigger this action.

For example, you can create a Zap that will send in new survey data into a list on your Charley account from a survey you make in Survey Monkey or Google Forms.

What kind of Zaps can I make?

Currently, you can use Zaps to work with Charley in one of four ways:

  1. Subscribe Email: Adds an email address to a specific Charley mailing list.
  2. Unsubscribe Email: Unsubscribes an email address from a specific mailing list.
  3. Blacklist Email: Adds an email address to the global opt-out list and prevents the person from receiving any Charley mailings.
  4. Import Emails: Adds an email address to the Charley visitor database, but doesn’t add them to a specific list. You can add custom field values for a particular visitor.

charley actions

With each new trigger, or action, on a survey, spreadsheet, or any of the thousands of apps Zapier supports, you can ‘Zap’ that data into Charley – either to a specific mailing list or into the visitor database.

Setting Up Zaps with Charley

When setting up a new Zap, you’ll be connecting an application to your Zapier account. For most applications, you’ll need your login credentials to authenticate and connect the account.

Connecting with Charley will require both your Site ID and your Charley API Key. You can find this information by going to your menu grid -> select Settings -> and then go into your account General Settings.


In General Settings, you’ll see a box to the right with Account Info. This will have what you need along with convenient Copy to Clipboard buttons.

account info

As you’re creating your Zap, you’ll choose Charley as one of the applications. When you connect Charley to your Zapier account – it’ll bring up a screen similar to the one below. Just add your Site ID and your API Key, then you’re set to connect!

zapier login

Watch Jessica set up her Zapier account with Charley

Let’s Create some Zaps!

Since there are so many Zaps out there, we thought we’d walk you through how to create a few that may improve your experience with Charley.

The links below will lead you to other articles on how to create specific Zaps.

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