Web Forms with MORE FIELDS!

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Jae Duran asked 4 years ago

Dear Sirs:
With MailChimp, I could create custom fields and subscription forms. I am not finding this to be true with your service.
I am serving a B2B market and I need more than just a name and an email address and need to add more fields so that I can
prequalify my list to send the correct information and make sales calls and presentations. How do I add more fields to the web forms?
Also, I need your mail server information to use with an email client and if possible, an API key.
I would also like to bring in html coding to the web forms so that I can create bullets.
There are a lot of fanciful features with your service, but I do not need them. I simply need to be able to have functioning forms that will collect the data that I need. Once your services proved that, I would have upgraded but I am not sure that I can get the simple features that I need. 
When I added the MailChimp API key to integrate your service, it did not synchronize the web form or the fields already created. Please advise.
Jae Duran