What is a Recycler campaign and how does it work?

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What is a Recycler campaign?

Recycler enables you to re-engage subscribers that might have missed your message the first time around.It automatically creates a list of those who didn’t open your original mailing, and then delivers the email again at a later date that you specify.

It’s incredibly simple, super effective, and increases your opens and clicks. Just read this case study how well it performs.

How do I set up a Recycler campaign?

There are two ways you can set up a Recycler campaign in Charley, and it really just depends on a few things:

  1. Do you simply want to follow up with the same email and maybe just change the subject line a little?
  2. Do you want to modify the body of the email when it’s delivered to non-openers?
  3. Or maybe you decided after already having sent a mailing that you want to do a Recycler?

Well, in the first case, you’ll stay right in your Email Blast campaign window as you’re sending off that initial blast. And in the second and third, you can simply create a new Recycler email campaign. We’ll go through both ways.

Creating a Recycler from your Email Blast Campaign Window

As you’re creating your Email Blast campaign, you’ll see a couple options below the email configurations. One of those options is enabling Recycler. Simply turn it on and you’ll see that a scheduler and an option Subject Line will appear.

Recycler Configuration - Just set a date and time after your initial send time.
Recycler Configuration – Just set a date and time after your initial send time.

Set the delivery time of your Recycler campaign to go out sometime after your Email Blast, add a modified subject line if you want (totally optional), and you’re good to go! See? Easy.

Keep in mind, though, that if you’re using Smart Send you’ll want to schedule Recycler’s delivery time at least two days out rather than one day (Smart Send takes about 24 hours to complete).

Creating a Recycler Campaign Separately

If you’ve already sent a mailing and you’d like to follow up with a Recycler, or if you’d like to modify the body of the email for your Recycler, then you can find the option to create a new Recycler under New Campaign.

recycler menu

Clicking Recycle a Previous Mailing will open a very familiar window. You’ll notice the main difference being that you’re delivering to a previous campaign rather than to a list(s).

If you’re modifying the body of an email campaign you’ve already sent or created, simply use the Load from Library option to bring it up again for easy use; otherwise, you can start from scratch and use the Blank Editor.

Create your Recycler email as you would any blast and be sure to remember to schedule it out properly.

Watch this video of Jessica going through the Recycler campaign.