What is an Echo Campaign and how is it used?

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What is an Echo Campaign?

Echo campaigns reemphasize a message or offer from either an email campaign or an initially triggered onsite campaign.

For example, you’ve received an email offer that has a 40% coupon code in it. When you click through to go shop on the website, an echo campaign will appear as either a toolbar widget or maybe even a static banner containing the code for you. This allows you, the shopper, to have the code handy without having to go back to your emails – less chance for you to drop away.

Can it be used for campaigns other than email?

Certainly. Use echo campaigns to remind visitors of why they came to your website. If they clicked through on an AdWords campaign that had promised free shipping, be sure to display that clearly.

If your visitor happened to sign up on an email capture campaign that included an offer, you could use an echo campaign to reemphasize that offer in order to keep it top-of-mind as they shop.

Back it up with stats – what kind of increases in conversions did you see?

Back before we introduced Charley to the world, we worked with clients who used other ESPs like Mailchimp. In our case study with Voler, we did a split-test for visitors who signed up on a form: 50% would receive no echo message while the other 50% received an echo message of the offer.

Here’s an excerpt from the case study:

In addition to the email microconversion, Voler used Rekko’s campaign echo functionality to reinforce the 10% off offer throughout the visit. Echoing is simple: it displays a dockable, customizable toolbar at the top or bottom of website pages that shows a custom message and the coupon code from the Capture campaign. Voler used it to remind visitors to use their 10% off coupon code on each page until checkout. Options are available to limit which pages the echo campaign is displayed, how often and whether to show the offer the next time the visitor comes back (assuming they haven’t purchased yet).

So how’d it do?

Excellent! The conversion rate for those visitors that saw the echo was 12.15%. That’s approximately a 50% improvement in conversions over the Capture campaign alone.



Echoing campaigns keep the call-to-action front and center but out of the way. Obviating the need for the visitor to write-down or remember the offer, echoing simply and smartly keeps the incentive handy, gently reminding the visitor it’s there and ready to be used. The toolbar’s animation option that pushes the page down slightly, making it noticeable, without covering any valuable page real estate. In short, echoing is an effective and non-intrusive conversion marketing best practice. In our experience, increases of 30-50% are not uncommon.

How does the Echo Campaign work?

Echo campaigns work by using the behavioral data gathered on your website from our tracking pixel.

If you’re a Charley user and haven’t had a need to add tagging yet, you can look into it here. It’s a simple process of dropping a piece of JavaScript on each page.

When setting up an echo campaign, we add a segment and the creative. These are actually very simple campaigns, so your segment could be that they landed on a particular URL during their session or that they clicked on a certain campaign.

You can see in the screenshot below that we have a campaign specifically for Echo Toolbars. Toolbars are widgets that appear at the top or bottom of your pages. They can be animated as well. See the gif at the top of this page to see how it pushes the page down.

Example of an echo toolbar campaign editor. Simply edit your message and set a delivery criteria. Here we target any page with the following string in the URL.
Example of an echo toolbar campaign editor. Simply edit your message and set a delivery criteria. Here we target any page with the following string in the URL.

Do Echo Campaigns have to be Toolbars?

Absolutely not. If you prefer something more inline, our manual campaigns are flexible enough to allow you to create something more seamless.