What is Timeline and what can I do with it?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: Features and GeneralWhat is Timeline and what can I do with it?
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What is Timeline?

Think of Timeline as your website’s social media outlet. Each time an event happens on the website, like someone fulfills a campaign goal, someone new arrived, or someone completed a purchase, you can see it live on the Timeline page.

Timeline is separated into three main parts:

  • Key Campaigns: Campaigns that you “favorite” from the Detail page will show up in this section. This will give you a quick look at the campaigns that are important to you.
  • Events: Just like a major event or a big status update you see on a friend’s Facebook page, you’ll see events and updates for your website. Someone who purchases, abandons a cart, fulfills a campaign goal, or interacts with a campaign – those kinds of events will display here along with information like cart items, name, and email.
  • Visitors: A continuous live feed of visitors coming to your website. You can see new, repeat, and customers coming back to the site along with how they arrived and which pages they landed on.


What can I do with Timeline?

Since Timeline gives you a real-time look at what’s happening on your website, you can easily see trends happen from any new campaign (either from within Rekko/Charley or outside). If you’re an ecommerce website and you see someone has abandoned a shopping cart, Timeline allows you to click on that visitor to open their record in a new tab. The record will display where they’re from, which pages they viewed, what they abandoned, and more. If the record contains their email address, you can even reach out to that person directly (if you don’t already have a recovery email campaign set up!).

Use Timeline to find your best prospects. In the Visitors section, you can see when visitors come to your website and if they’re new, repeat, or even a previous customer. If you happen to see that John Doe has been returning to the website multiple times, you can send a personal message to him via email to make sure he’s having a positive experience while on your website.